Clearing the aws solutions architect certification

Having cleared the Amazon Web Services  Solutions  (AWS) Architect certification a couple of weeks ago I thought this as good a time as any to write about the experience. I’d like to begin where most people almost necessarily have to begin. Motivation.

In order to speak of what motivated me,  I’d like to share that there have only been a couple of technologies I think of as having rescued my IT career-virtualization and Amazon Web Services. I say rescued because it was increasingly difficult to imagine having to work with Microsoft technologies for the rest of my professional career. Enough said.

Like many people around the industry, I used AWS before, but it was expensive and off the radar, this time; however, I immediately saw simplicity, elegance and most of all a tremendous, inescapable value.

Eminent disruption, what George Gilder’s Telecosm is doing to the “congealed microcosm” of Bill Gates and Gordon Moore or something close to it.

So far we have career rescue and advanced technologies, two things I very much appreciate, but if that’s no enough pour vous consider this info-graphic recently posted by NewVem @newvem 

If that doesn’t motivate the technologist in you nothing will. At this point you should be either motivated or terrified. The team lead by Werner Vogels isn’t kidding around. They are visibly, tangibly disrupting entire industries of different shapes and sizes.

You will learn to move higher up on the stack, or you won’t have a job as a technologist is what they seem to be saying.

Motivated yet?

I’m going to try and describe how I cleared the certification in a series of steps and subsequent posts beginning with a warning.

Step 1:  The warning: don’t waste your time trying to find dumps, kings, 4sure’s or whatever other “short cut” mechanisms you’re used to using for clearing certification exams. There are currently no shortcuts for clearing this certification that I know of. Get it through your head you will have to study hard for this exam if you want to clear it. You may even learn something about cloud architecture best practices and how they apply to your current environment, which will come in very handy in the likely event these technologies disrupt your industry beyond recognition.

The bottom line is you have to be prepared for memorization, hands-on implementation, ten or twenty hour long videos and a barrage of technical reading.

The good news is that if you are properly motivated and love cutting-edge technologies you will love your investment in this certification. I’ll let you take some of this in ahead of the next post, in the meantime analyze the info-graphic and start making AWS a part of your daily vernacular.

Jaime Porras is a professional technologist helping clients leverage technology to achieve value-based business results. You can reach him via his Twitter handle @ja1meporras


  1. Hi Jaime,
    what about resources used in passing the exam? from where shall we study (beyond CBTNuggets)?
    Can you point to specific whitepapers, blogs, articles?

    I am taking this exam this month

  2. Thanks Jaime , i see from above statement that we few CBT nuggets , could you please help me with location of nuggets to download
    I am planning to write the exams by next month.
    thank you

    • Arun-

      There’s only one AWS CBT Nuggets I know about. You can find it on the official CBT Nuggets site. Pluralsight Training also has three very good AWS resources. Hope that helps.


      Jaime Porras

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