The enterprise social network value proposition

Time consuming meetings, meaningless face-phone conversations, stale files, unread email messages and subsequent mountains of overwhelming information hinder efficient communication exchange.  Detrimental results include orphaned good ideas and worse, unchecked bad ones.

Improving collaboration within the enterprise means enabling people to connect knowledge, ideas and resources, so they work smarter. In a sense,  IT has become the inefficient middleman between the most intelligent part of the network- the edge, people.

The good news is there is a trending shift from the current one-to-many communication model which isolates content, limits message reach, which disappears over time, and email groups that have to be constantly managed; to the many-to-many model which enables persistent content available from anywhere to anyone at anytime and the ability to create groups organically by “following.”

Enterprise social networks should be the place where context creates relevance by enabling the extraction of essential and relevant information. It could mean the difference between good ideas and great ideas.

For example, while testing a customer’s new internal social network based on Socialcast by VMware,  I posted something I was working on.  Several comments from colleagues later, the idea was both vastly improved and properly vetted. Similar results were realized when I invited a small group of vendors to participate through the Socialcast external contributors feature. What a ride thus far.

Tangible, immediate value from a tool enabling people both inside and outside of  the enterprise to create and own contextual, relevant content. That is the enterprise social network value proposition.

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